Information for Schools

New Quaker Students – Schools should inform Quaker families who are awaiting an admissions decision to submit an FEF Application Form to the school as part of their application for tuition aid.

Fund Restrictions – These funds are donor-restricted. Grants are intended to give Quaker families enhanced affordability at Friends schools. In practice, this means that schools that accept these tuition aid funds agree that the amounts shall be in addition to, and not in place of, other tuition aid credits for Quaker children.

Award Distribution: Awards from the Friends Education Fund take the form of grants, paid during the first week of October. Checks are sent directly to the schools, in a lump sum for all participating students at each school. The awards will incude grants from FEF as well as tuition aid funds from PYM.

Inquiries – Friends Council on Education welcomes inquiries from schools, and works collaboratively with Friends schools to ensure that Quaker families get the full benefit of these resources. PYM will respond to questions about tuition aid from meetings. Families are urged to communicate directly with the schools.


Guidelines for Friends Schools receiving tuition aid grants from Friends Council on Education. Note: FEF grants are administered by Friends Council on Education. PYM grants are administered by PYM and distributed for PYM by Friends Council.

The School's tuition aid committee:

  1. Has written philosophy, eligibility and procedures for tuition aid distribution.
  2. Has knowledge of the source of funds to be distributed as well as knowledge of any restrictions on those funds.
  3. Promotes transparency by sharing standards in printed form or through a web page.
  4. Strives to maintain level of support through graduation.
  5. Maintains confidentiality of applicants and/or recipients.
  6. Agrees that if a Quaker student’s tuition aid package exceeds school policy the aid from Friends sources is declined or redistributed among Quaker children.
  7. Makes certain to apply the standards from the PYM Jonathan E. Rhoads Endowment Fund for Friends Education for Friends Children, which are currently used by FEF and PYM.
    • At least one parent of a student receiving tuition aid from Philadelphia Yearly Meeting must have been a member of a PYM Monthly Meeting continuously for the previous one year before the effective semester commences.
    • Schools that accept these tuition funds agree that the amounts shall be in addition to, and not in place of, other tuition aid and credits for Quaker children.
    • Some form of Quaker history/beliefs must be taught at some point in the curriculum of the schools receiving these funds.